Menopause Made Manageable

Menopause Made Manageable

Research reveals that 50% of menopausal women are refraining from pursuing promotions or opting for early retirement, while 20% decide to exit the workforce altogether due to the perceived unmanageability of their symptoms. It is becoming increasingly evident that menopause is influencing women in ways previously overlooked.

Clinical hypnotherapy emerges as a powerful solution, demonstrating efficacy in alleviating various menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, brain fog, and fatigue. Rigorous, controlled trials highlight its superiority over alternative therapy for postmenopausal women experiencing frequent hot flashes, surpassing acupuncture, herbal supplements, and yoga in effectiveness.

Particularly impactful in addressing hot flushes and night sweats, clinical hypnotherapy for menopause stands out in mitigating the diverse symptoms associated with this life stage. If you are seeking more information or wish to explore how clinical hypnotherapy can offer support during menopause, do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help.

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