Hypnotherapy for Children

Unlocking positive change in children’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours is what hypnotherapy is all about. Here is how I do it:

Step 1: Pinpoint the Issue

I start by identifying the problem.

Step 2: Introduce New Behaviours

Then, I work together to establish …

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The Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Pain Management
Posted on November 22nd, 2023

Pain, whether chronic or acute, can be an all-encompassing force that affects every aspect of one's life. For those who have experienced persistent pain, you'll understand that it goes beyond physical discomfort; it impacts emotiona…

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How Hypnotherapy Can Help Manage Anxiety and Stress
Posted on November 21st, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, anxiety and stress have become almost constant companions for many of us. The demands of daily life, work pressures, personal challenges, and unexpected events can leave us feeling overwhelmed and anxiou…

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How Can I Help You?

Whether you are ready to embark on your journey to positive change or simply seeking more information, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am responsive and committed to providing you with the information and support you need to take the next step.

Areas Hypnotherapy Can Treat Successfully

Anger Management

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by anger, causing strain on relationships, and impacting your well-being? Hypnotherapy offers a transformative path to manage and redirect your anger constructively. By delving into the root causes, hypnotherapy helps rewire automatic responses, providing you with coping mechanisms and fostering a calmer, more balanced emotional state. Embrace a life where anger no longer controls you, but where you hold the power to respond thoughtfully and maintain harmonious connections.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Are anxiety and panic attacks hindering your ability to enjoy life fully? Hypnotherapy addresses these challenges by delving into the subconscious mind, uncovering triggers, and instilling relaxation techniques. Experience a profound shift as hypnotherapy empowers you to manage anxiety, promoting a sense of calm and control. Rediscover the joy of living without the weight of constant worry, allowing yourself to navigate each day with newfound confidence and ease.


Coping with loss can feel overwhelming, impacting emotional well-being and daily life. Hypnotherapy for bereavement provides a gentle, supportive approach to navigate the grieving process. By addressing emotional pain stored in the subconscious, hypnotherapy aids in processing grief, fostering acceptance, and promoting emotional healing. Find solace in a therapeutic journey that honours your unique grieving experience, guiding you toward a place of emotional resilience and inner peace.


Overcoming the lasting effects of abuse requires a compassionate and empowering approach. Hypnotherapy offers a safe space to address deep-seated trauma, working to reframe negative beliefs and restore self-worth. By fostering a sense of empowerment and resilience, hypnotherapy supports your journey toward healing, enabling you to break free from the chains of past abuse. Embrace a future where you reclaim control, building a foundation of strength, and embracing your innate worth.


The scars left by bullying can linger, affecting self-esteem and overall well-being. Hypnotherapy provides a transformative path to overcome the emotional impact of bullying. By addressing subconscious patterns and instilling confidence-building techniques, hypnotherapy empowers you to release the emotional weight of past experiences. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, where hypnotherapy becomes a guiding force, helping you build resilience, foster self-love, and navigate life with newfound confidence.


Breaking free from the grip of depression is possible with the transformative power of hypnotherapy. By delving into the subconscious, hypnotherapy helps identify and reframe negative thought patterns, fostering a more positive mindset. Experience a profound shift as hypnotherapy supports you in rebuilding a sense of joy, purpose, and fulfilment. Embrace a future where the weight of depression lifts, allowing you to live each day with renewed optimism and resilience.


Are fears or phobias holding you back from fully enjoying life? Hypnotherapy offers a gentle yet effective approach to overcome irrational fears. By exploring the subconscious origins of fears and instilling positive associations, hypnotherapy empowers you to face challenges with newfound courage. Imagine a life where fears no longer dictate your choices, and phobias transform into opportunities for growth and personal development.


Unwanted habits can feel like roadblocks on the path to self-improvement. Hypnotherapy offers a tailored solution by addressing the subconscious roots of habits, helping you break free from cycles of behaviour. Through positive reinforcement and reprogramming, hypnotherapy empowers you to replace unwanted habits with healthier choices. Embrace a journey of self-discovery and transformation, where hypnotherapy becomes a powerful ally in cultivating positive, lasting change.

Healthy Eating/Weight Loss

Struggling with weight management or unhealthy eating patterns? Hypnotherapy for healthy eating and weight loss provides a holistic approach by addressing the subconscious factors influencing behaviour. By fostering a positive mindset, promoting mindful eating, and instilling healthy habits, hypnotherapy empowers you to achieve sustainable weight loss. Imagine a future where your relationship with food is balanced, and you embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle with confidence and self-love. Working on a proven weight loss program, the hypnotherapy allows the plan to become your everyday habits and lifestyle permanently. 

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

A revolutionary approach to weight management!

Our method is designed to create a sense of fullness much earlier in the eating process, mimicking the discomfort we've all felt after overindulging, like during a festive feast. Think back to that post-Christmas dinner sensation – uncomfortable and not craving more food. Our Hypnotic Gastric Band program embeds this feeling in your subconscious, gradually bringing it to the forefront as you eat. Starting around the halfway point of your meal, the sensation increases, diminishing your desire for substantial portions.

The power of Gastric Band hypnotherapy lies in its ability to effortlessly modify behaviours at a subconscious level. During the hypnotic process, we address factors such as old habits, emotions, exercise levels, and more, making lifestyle changes that contribute to weight loss. Embrace a journey where feeling satisfied occurs earlier, portions become smaller, and weight loss becomes a positive shift in lifestyle


Is insomnia disrupting your ability to enjoy restful sleep? Hypnotherapy offers a soothing solution by addressing the subconscious factors contributing to sleep disturbances. Through relaxation techniques and positive suggestion, hypnotherapy guides you toward a more peaceful and rejuvenating sleep experience. Picture a future where you effortlessly drift into restorative sleep, waking up each morning feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to embrace the day.

Nail Biting

Conquer the persistent habit of nail-biting with the transformative power of hypnotherapy. By addressing the subconscious triggers and reinforcing positive behaviours, hypnotherapy guides you toward breaking free from this common habit. Experience the joy of well-groomed nails and the confidence that comes with overcoming a once-challenging behaviour. Hypnotherapy becomes a supportive companion on your journey to healthier habits and improved self-image.


Overcoming procrastination is achievable with the targeted support of hypnotherapy. By exploring the subconscious roots of procrastination and instilling motivation-enhancing techniques, hypnotherapy becomes a catalyst for positive change.

My commitment is to your well-being and personal growth. I provide a safe and supportive environment where you can explore the power of your mind and unlock your true potential. Let me help you transform your life and achieve the peace, balance, and happiness you deserve. Contact me today to embark on your path to wellness through hypnotherapy.

Paediatric Hypnotherapy

Paediatric hypnotherapy for children is one of the most effective therapies, and we can help them to deal with over one hundred issues. Transforming children’s lives through visualisation, hypnosis, and other imaginative methods. Hypnosis is rewarding, fast and unique. 

Explaining "hypnosis" in detail to kids is not always necessary. We keep it simple – they will have a super-relaxed and quiet time, using their imaginations to tackle any challenges. What matters most is that the child is excited about making a positive change.

As we address specific childhood concerns, our therapists introduce uplifting affirmations. Picture your child being more relaxed, full of energy, confident, happy, loving themselves more, remembering easily, or reading faster. Kids are highly receptive to these therapeutic approaches, and our program ensures a parent or guardian is present during each session.

Why choose hypnotherapy for children? Because kids excel at using their imaginations. Our therapists effortlessly tap into this creative power, employing stories, adventures, and even encounters with heroes or characters from their favourite TV shows. These ideas seamlessly connect with young minds. Older children also find the process engaging, with treatments tailored to their mature understanding.

We have discovered that involving parents in the therapeutic process is crucial. A parent's anxiety about a behaviour can sometimes make change challenging for the child. Join us on this transformative journey, where positive changes happen with the power of imagination!


Research reveals that 50% of menopausal women are refraining from pursuing promotions or opting for early retirement, while 20% decide to exit the workforce altogether due to the perceived unmanageability of their symptoms. It is becoming increasingly evident that menopause is influencing women in ways previously overlooked.

Clinical hypnotherapy emerges as a powerful solution, demonstrating efficacy in alleviating various menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, brain fog, and fatigue. Rigorous, controlled trials highlight its superiority over alternative therapy for postmenopausal women experiencing frequent hot flashes, surpassing acupuncture, herbal supplements, and yoga in effectiveness.

Particularly impactful in addressing hot flushes and night sweats, clinical hypnotherapy for menopause stands out in mitigating the diverse symptoms associated with this life stage. If you are seeking more information or wish to explore how clinical hypnotherapy can offer support during menopause, do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help.

Exam Stress

Discover Stress-Free Exam Success with Hypnotherapy!

Are exam pressures overwhelming you or your loved ones? Our specialized hypnotherapy for exam stress is designed to empower individuals to conquer the challenges of exams with calm confidence and focus. Here is how:

Relaxation Techniques: Hypnotherapy equips you with powerful relaxation techniques to manage stress. Imagine approaching exams feeling calm, centred, and ready to highlight your true potential.

Anxiety Reduction: Hypnotherapy helps identify and address the root causes of exam anxiety. By reprogramming negative thought patterns, you can shift from anxiety to a positive, composed mindset.

Enhanced Concentration: Through guided hypnosis, we enhance your ability to concentrate and retain information effectively. Imagine studying with heightened focus and absorbing information effortlessly.

Boosted Confidence: Hypnotherapy instils a deep sense of self-confidence. You will envision success, believe in your abilities, and approach exams with a positive mindset.

Performance Visualization: Harness the power of positive visualization. Picture yourself confidently navigating exams, recalling information with ease, and achieving the results you desire.

Stress Management Strategies: Learn practical stress management strategies that extend beyond the exam room. These tools empower you to manage stress in various aspects of life.

Tailored Approach: Our hypnotherapy for exam stress is personalized to your unique needs. Whether you are a student, parent, or educator, we craft a treatment plan that suits your specific challenges.

Make exam season a positive and transformative experience with hypnotherapy. Embrace the journey to success with a clear mind, steady nerves, and the confidence to excel. Whether you're preparing for 11 plus entrance exams, GCSEs, A-levels, music grading, or any other challenges, we've got you covered.


Welcome to the transformative world of Hypnotherapy for Childbirth (Hypnobirthing), where the benefits are both profound and far-reaching. At the core of this approach is a significant reduction in pain and a shortened labour duration. By dispelling preconceived fears, tensions, and misconceptions, hypnosis for childbirth employs powerful techniques that enhance relaxation, aligning with the body's innate ability to perform the miraculous task of giving birth.

One remarkable aspect of hypnotherapy for childbirth is its ability to decrease the reliance on pain relief medications and mitigate undesirable postoperative effects. If your desire is to experience a natural and easeful childbirth, hypnosis becomes the perfect ally in welcoming your baby into the world.

An additional pivotal advantage of hypnotherapy for childbirth is the substantial reduction in maternal exhaustion. Free from the use of birthing drugs, this approach not only facilitates a speedier recovery but also ensures a smoother journey into motherhood. Embrace the empowering benefits of hypnotherapy for childbirth and embark on a path where pain is minimized, recovery is accelerated, and the joy of welcoming your little one is elevated.

Our approach is all about empowering expectant mothers to achieve complete mental and physical relaxation. Through a combination of hypnosis, understanding human behaviour, and the practice of self-hypnosis, we guide you in eliminating fears and apprehensions. Hypnosis works its magic by instilling the "three C’s suggestion" – confidence, calmness, and control – as you navigate each stage of labour, fostering a sense of general well-being throughout. Your expectations transform into positive, exciting, and empowering visions, eagerly anticipating the arrival of your newest family member!

Embark on this journey with us over a series of visits, ideally beginning 3-4 months into pregnancy. Here, you will delve into deep relaxation and breathing techniques, self-hypnosis, and a myriad of other fascinating and empowering tools. Our goal is to ensure you approach the entire childbirth experience – during and after labour, and the arrival of your newborn – with a profoundly positive mindset, ready to embrace the joy of welcoming your little one into the world.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Helping individuals break free from the grasp of smoking is an area of my work that truly resonates with me. The toll smoking takes on both physical and mental well-being can be profound. Witnessing individuals liberate themselves from this habit, experiencing newfound freedom, happiness, and achievement, brings me immense joy.

In my perspective, many available methods for quitting smoking fail to address the core issue. Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, targets the brain's learned association of smoking with pleasure. My approach involves dismantling this behavioural link, aiming for a transformation where the desire to smoke is replaced by empowerment rather than reliance on willpower, often linked with pain.

For those who have been smokers for an extended period, the habit becomes ingrained in the subconscious. Hypnotherapy's efficacy lies in its ability to rewrite deeply rooted behavioural patterns.

I believe that with focused minds, high intent, and unwavering determination, quitting smoking can be achieved without fear, anxiety, or cravings. The journey ends here.

Smoking, I believe, is a result of subconscious narratives individuals tell themselves about why they must smoke. These narratives are deeply ingrained but not factual, and we have the power to create new stories.

If you have reached the decision to quit and are truly done with smoking, hypnosis techniques can be a powerful catalyst.

The stop smoking session lasts two hours, designed to transform you from a 'smoker' to a 'non-smoker' in one sitting. This singular session aims to induce a significant shift in mindset and behaviour. By increasing the desire to quit and reducing the pleasure associated with smoking, hypnotherapy significantly tips the odds in your favour.

During the session, I invest 60 minutes in understanding you and your smoking habits, exploring triggers and associations to inform the subsequent hypnosis. I elucidate the science behind smoking, the challenges of quitting, and how hypnosis acts to reverse the habit.

The hypnosis phase, lasting about 45 minutes, serves to hardwire new positive behaviours at a subconscious level.

As you emerge from hypnosis, you are ready to embark on your smoke-free future. I explain the positive impacts and milestones your body will achieve in reversing the negative effects of smoking. The remarkable benefits begin within hours, displaying the incredible resilience of the human body.